CTOs for Startups

Short Term

Your early-stage Startup’s software requirements and personnel are ready to go.

Hassle Free and Inexpensive.

Potential investors want to see something working. Now!

We have the solution for your early-stage startup’s software ¬†and personnel requirements.

How we can help you

How we can help you

We have the experience and the technology and the personnel to get your Startup’s business underway quickly and inexpensively.

We’ve been doing this for many years and have developed the base software you will need for a mobile application with remote server capability.

In the earliest phases of a Startup you need a partner who can do everything to get your prototype and your demo application in front of investors.

Investors also need to have confidence in you, your product and your team.

If required, we can go with you to investor presentations. You will have a team behind you. We look the part of experienced CTOs (well, because we are).

Why Useful Technology?

We’re experienced CTOs in the early stages of a startup’s life. That means we can do everything.

You only need one person to get your idea through the prototype stage and to the rock-solid demo product you need to be able to show to investors.

Time is of the essence!

In the early stages, people have been blown away by your idea and by your presentation, but they want to see how the real thing will work on a device. Now!

The “Now” part is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

Useful Technology is not expensive.

You could service our early stage fees by a small bank loan.

Quick, inexpensive and short-term.

Why Useful Technology?
Useful Networking

Useful Networking

Useful Networking is our plugin networking frame work to easily extend server request objects on the mobile device, it has the server backend already coded and we include all the “boring” (yet necessary) stuff you require to get to your early product done e.g. mobile/cell verification, forgot password, login/user authorisation, and more.

We code the networking for you and we set up the AWS Elastic Beanstalk server or, if you’re a little less optimistic about customer volume, we’ll set up a smaller (cheaper) VPS.

This is what we do. This is what we know best. This is what we’re good at.

Get your product in front of people quickly with Useful Technology.

Startups - start quickly

Startups - start quickly

You must test your idea quickly. Odds are you’ll need to pivot or make substantial changes once you put your idea before investors and testing groups.

When you begin your business, your final direction is uncertain. That’s normal.

Let us get you up and running quickly and cheaply so you can test your idea and make necessary changes without spending too much cash.

It can be difficult to get skilled staff when you’re starting a business idea. Useful Technology fills your initial staff requirements with people you (normally) couldn’t afford.

Useful Technology Networking Options

We can provide quickly and cheaply:
iOS mobile software, an AWS Elastic Beanstalk server or a Dreamhost Virtual Private Server and a Python/Flask backend software solution using RDS/MySQL.

Seriously, that’s what we’re good at and that’s what we can provide quickly and cheaply.

It’s what you need.

Let’s get going!

Useful Technology Networking Options

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